Piper by Maggie Umber

Piper is a pipe smoking snake, named in honor of the Phish song of the same name. He's a part-time baker and a full-time trouble-maker. Cake batter is a favored snack.

He's mostly magnese blue, with spots of cactus flower or black.


Bun by Maggie Umber

hungry bun

5 things about Bun:

  1. hungry for bday kace
  2. bb is bad at spelling
  3. bad frend skip bday!
  4. Bun running away!
  5. bf is Dog

Bun Bday Fact

Sometimes, bad is good! Sometimes, bad is bad! These things r truu, even on bday! Bun loves bike, Bun loves dog. When is bday time? Bun is hungry.

Play Name a Shape! Bun game.


Dog by Lawn Water and Maggie Umber

Bun loves Dog!

Snug dog! Dog is a character created by Lawn Water. He appears in Bun's dreams.

Dog Comic 1 by Lawn Water
Order a print of Dog Comic 1 from Lawn Water.

bad frends

Bad Frend by Maggie Umber

don't want to go to party